• Automatic Traffic Counts

    Using Metrocount 5600 traffic classifiers for full volume speed and class data using Austroads Vehicle Class System
  • Turning Count Surveys

    With our high mast cameras we can deliver turning count surveys for 24 hours or longer
  • Pedestrian Surveys

    Surveytech can undertake a range of pedestrian surveys tailored to your needs
  • Cycle Movement Surveys

    Counts, travel-times, origin-destination
  • Car Parking Surveys

    From simple entry and exit counts to more complex duration of stay surveys, on and off street
  • Public Transport Surveys

    Surveytech can undertake a range of surveys including passenger counts, dwell times and service timings
  • Journey Time Surveys

    Travel time surveys can be undertaken with GPS recorders or manually

Traffic surveys in Perth, Western Australia. Traffic counts in Sydney, New South Wales. Traffic surveys in Melbourne, Victoria.

Traffic surveys in Brisbane, Queensland. Traffic counts in Darwin, Northern Territory. Traffic surveys in Adelaide, South Australia

Traffic surveys in Hobart, Tasmania.

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Quality Traffic Data

Surveytech provides a data collection, analysis and presentation service to the traffic and transport planning industry.

Our philosophy is to deliver highly accurate survey data within the timescales required by our clients, and to quickly react to our clients' needs.

The premise of Surveytech is to collect traffic data using 'tech' methods where possible, such as using video, radar, GPS or automatic tube counts. This means taking casual survey staff off the roads for safer surveys and obtaining more accurate verifiable data.

Our survey outputs are highly detailed yet presented in a user-friendly format. You will have instant access to all the essential information regarding your survey using our interactive excel spreadsheets and outputs.

For more information on the services we provide please visit our services page or contact us.

Thankyou for considering Surveytech for your traffic data needs.

  - Towards a sustainable future -  
    All Surveytech road and air kilometres are offset and our office electricity is part sourced from renewable energy.