Automatic Traffic Counts

Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC) or Tube counts when installed correctly can give very accurate data for longer periods of time. (1 week or more) They do all this for a very low cost.  The traffic logger uses the two tubes to determine direction, volume, speed and vehicle class (Cars or Trucks etc).

ATCs can be used on Local Roads right through to State Highways and Freeways.  ATCs can also be used to count bicycles on PSPs and footpaths with a special thinner walled tube.

Surveytech use MetroCount 5600, 5900 or RoadPod VT units which are Australian designed and manufactured and are the leading traffic logger worldwide.

ATC data is typically used to inform a more detailed survey or engineering decisions. They are regularly requested by State Government, Local Government, Engineering Companies and Land Developers.

Surveytech can deliver the RAW ECO data to experienced operators, but can also provide specialist excel reporting or PDF outputs as requested by our Clients.

Surveytech can undertake a variety of different surveys and data collection services, for more information please

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