Pedestrian / Cycle Movement Surveys

Pedestrian Surveys

Pedestrian surveys are becoming increasingly vital surveys for transport planners. They are among the most vulnerable of road users and their safety is paramount.

Surveytech have undertaken multiple pedestrian movement surveys. Examples include footfall counts at shopping centers, retail outlets, train stations and stadiums.

We can also count pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks (crossing both legally or illegally) or undertake demographic, sex and age analysis of the pedestrians.

We generally undertake all of our pedestrian counts and analysis using High Definition Video


Cycle Movement Surveys

Cycle movements on cycle paths can be counted the same way as vehicles using Metrocount units and a smaller diameter rubber tubing. Surveys can also be undertaken using video or manual means.

Also similarly to vehicle studies, cycle movements studies can include travel times, origin-destination analysis, speed surveys and bicycle parking utilization studies.

Surveytech can undertake a variety of different surveys and data collection services, for more information please

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