Surveytech is a specialist traffic survey company providing a wide range of different services to the traffic, transportation and planning industry.

Our business model is based on high quality data collection, with a focus on highly accurate analysis, reporting to short deadlines and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Surveys and data collection services include:

Video Intersection Surveys, Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC), Queue Surveys and Monitoring, Saturation Flows, Degree of Saturation, Cyclists, Pedestrians,, Public Transport Surveys (Bus, Rail, Taxi) On and Off Street Parking Surveys, Vehicle Occupancy, Park and Ride, Number Plates and ANPR Surveys, Origin-Destination Studies, Cordon Studies, Journey-Time, Questionnaire Surveys, etc.

Please see the below links to some of the surveys we undertake.

Surveytech can undertake a variety of different surveys and data collection services, for more information please

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